Averill 2020

...definitely competent enough...

Will Averill for Precinct 4 Democratic Committeeman(Woman)!

Lifelong townie. Sometimes writer. Pretty OK citizen.  

Will Averill is all of these and a little bit more. Born and raised in Lawrence, Will brings a lifetime of experience to the important role of Precinct 4 Ward 8 Democratic Committeeman(Woman).


"I believe that by starting small, and keeping my expectations reasonable, I can eventually build a staircase to the stars - metaphorically speaking.  Not an actual staircase. I'm a terrible carpenter." - Will Averill 


T. Soden

He was cool once.

L. Life

Great at coming in 2nd.

H. Harrold

Looks like his dad.

Who is a great guy.

Female Paintball Player

A. Morton

As semi-consistent as Tin Pan Alley.

Male Dancer

C. Carson

I've voted for worse.

Makeup Model

A. Repinsky

His wife is nice.


T. Lippert

I've known him since we were kids...never seemed like a dickhead.

Serious Stare

T. Craig


Girl Jumping

M. Luce

Averill? He looks smarter than he really is.

Beautician with Bangs

D. Jay

Where there is a will, there may be a way.


E. Parker

Wouldn't be my first  choice, but the other guy sucks

Young Nurse

T. Parr

He has some "interesting" ideas.


A. Nunez

Will ranks as the 56th worst  person I've worked with. Which is to say, on average, he is average.

Young Trainer

A. Stowers

I've known Will for a long time.

Still know him.

Fireman with Dark Uniform

K. Easthouse

The perfect warm-up act for any other act for your kids' birthday party.

Man in Suit

T. Franc

Averill. He's make a half-assed attempt at the job, but at least feel sorry when he screws it up.


Lawrence, Kansas

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